Too busy to take time off work?

Then do the school online!

The Commitment

if you are going to do the school online then you will have to make the commitment to one evening a week for ten weeks all from the comfort of your own home.

What will you need?

All the books will be provided for you before the course starts, so all you will need is a notebook and a pen and of course a cup of coffee.


You will have the oportunity to join a community of individuals who are all going on the same journey online as well as support form the course organisers

Yinka Oyekan

Yinka Oyekan

Course Author

Rev Yinka Oyekan is President of Baptist Union GB, Senior Minister at the Gate and Team Leader of Barnabas Fellowship of Churches. YInka has been involved in pioneering over 20 churches and has a passion to see individuals released into their dreams.

Anita Turnbull

Anita Turnbull

Course Administrative Manager

Anita has worked has a background in the business world.

Russ Fairman

Russ Fairman

Guest Lecturer

Russ is a leader at Celebrate, WW Marriage Encounter, HOTS Southampton, Harvesters Mens Network and Rona Sailing Project. Russ loves to help people reach their God given potential and will be working with us to support the online community