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“What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.”

― Hans Urs von Balthasar

The iBelong School of Personal Transformation is for Christian adults from the age of 18 onward who desire to fulfil their God-given dreams (even if you are not quite sure what they are yet!). It is not just for people that want to be in full-time ministry. We believe our school will help you identify and understand the steps towards your destiny and the life you have always dreamed of! We would love to walk the journey with you through the school of personal transformation, the showcase and beyond! Apply Now

Do you have a hunger?

If you have a hunger to see Father do more in your life, and wish to live to fulfil his purposes, then this is for you!

Have you a divine dream?

A God given dream consists of something you have not only longed to do at some point in your life but something you believe you should do. It could be embarking on a degree to pioneering a new business, church or type of group. This course is for those who want to see such a dream that father has placed in their hearts fulfilled.

Are you ready to invest?

If you are ready to take the time and commitment to see your God-given dream come to fruition. This course will give you the framework and support that will enable you to begin to step out into God’s plans for your life.    

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Is the School for Me?